Inclusive Canada is proud to be a member of the Defund2Fund Coalition. We call on Calgary City Council to reduce the Calgary Police Service budget by 30% to be reallocated and reinvested throughout racialized communities in order to rebuild trust and to rectify systemic barriers.


Protests and Community Discussions

Never underestimate the power of people coming together to march for a united cause! Protests are a great way to make noise and gain attention on a certain cause. Holding public community discussions is also a wonderful way to share information with community so that others may gain a better understanding what our goals are, in a much calmer setting. Please view our calendar to find details on our upcoming events!


Alberta Humanitarian Initiative

Inclusive Canada is in partnership with Alberta Humanitarian Initiative, a collective of community leaders and organizations from across the province of Alberta who strive for freedom, liberation, justice, equality and equity for all people.



It's important to us that EVERYONE is able to thrive and have access to basic necessities. Throughout the year we will continue to raise funds and items for those who are left without due to the system we are fighting against. This may include the homeless population, sex workers, the LGBTQ2+ community, BIPOC and any other marginalized person living in Canada. We call on the community to help make this part of our work a reality, and we thank those who continue to believe in our actions towards a better life for all.



2/3 of the Inclusive Canada team includes educators from Western Canada. Part of our strategy is to provide current, necessary and thought-provoking information, facts and history for our followers and supporters. The only way to understanding is through education!


Behind the Scenes

Inclusive Canada is in constant contact with government officials on the grounds of making change on a systemic level. Our goal is to have a more diverse representation within our systems and institutions to ensure freedom, liberation, equity and justice for all people - equally. Through these conversations we are hopeful that we are going in the right direction. Please check back here for calls-to-action and petitions!