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Becoming Anti-Racist

Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.


That's why we have created a process of working with businesses, organizations, institutions and individuals through anti-racism learning circles so individuals can better understand how some groups continue to face barriers in terms of wealth, access to opportunity and access to power in general. Through these exercises, our team can create a safe space for both us and participants to actively engage in conversation and learning, understanding each of our own experiences through an anti-racist lens. Think of it as an opportunity to call-IN rather than call-OUT. It’s your moment to ask the hard questions in a space of non-judgement, understanding that we all hold unconscious biases as a result of white supremacy and anti-Blackness running rampant in our society.

This is more than just training. This is an opportunity to begin your life-long commitment to anti-racism.

Some of the topics you can expect in these discussions include:

  • History 

  • The roots of racism

  • White supremacy: what it looks like and its effects

  • Equity, diversity and inclusion

  • Identifying and addressing racial harassment/microaggressions

  • Understanding and addressing unconscious bias

  • Creating inclusive spaces

  • Navigating race, equity and privilege

  • Broadening culture awareness

  • Fostering growth

  • How to provide opportunities and equity to BIPOC communities 

  • Opportunity to ask questions

  • Whatever else that may come up in the moment


Our interactive sessions are designed to provide you with shared language and understanding of how to move towards anti-racist practices and implementation in both your personal and professional life. We commit to offering meaningful learning opportunities for participants of all identities that will allow us to reflect on our individual and collective contributions to the larger systems around us.

Current Available Options

Core Team Session or Group Session (min. 2 Hours) 

  • History on our individual backgrounds

  • Examining privilege and intersectionalities

  • Exploring the different ways racism shows up in the workplace

  • Learning the difference between equality, diversity and inclusion

  • Creating inclusive space

  • Broadening culture awareness

  • How to provide opportunities for BIPOC individuals to build equity 

  • Fostering growth for an inclusive, equitable and sustainable future

Social Media/Marketing Through an Anti-Racist Lens (min. 2 Hours) 

  • Avoiding performative "trends"

  • Ensuring full representation

  • Creating meaningful statements that lead to action

  • Responding to racial injustice through your content

  • Better respond to criticism when it shows up

  • Committing to continued communication strategies

Learning Land and Territory Acknowledgement (2 Hours)

  • Connect with the importance of recognizing the land you are on

  • Understand the creation of treaties

  • Learn how to use appropriate language

  • Recognize and address Indigenous rights for every action and initiative

  • Follow up review of your acknowledgement

Live talks/seminars (1-2 Hours) 
Any topic you wish to discuss, respectfully, + Q&A with attendees

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