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If you are still having a hard time finding your place in the world of advocacy, volunteering is a wonderful way to meet new people and finds ways to offer your skills and knowledge!



Let's Make A Change.

Here are some ways you can get involved today:



We would not be able to get through our many events, community discussions and protests held throughout the year without the help of volunteers offering their time to ensure everything runs smoothly! Please see our calendar of events to see if there are any volunteer openings available!


The work we do is strictly volunteer-based, which means we choose to do this for free and any expenses come out of our own pockets. ​We have been incredibly grateful for the monetary donations we have received thus far, allowing us to focus on the important work we do rather than how much it will cost to do it. 


Social media has been a great tool to help get information and education out to people beyond our own personal circles! We encourage others to share content from our pages to their own social media platforms, and are always on the lookout for way to cross-promote with other like-minded individuals!


We sometimes require item donations such as for our food and clothing drives, items to protect against COVID-19 such as hand sanitizer, gloves and masks, or even snacks and bottles of water when holding our community discussions. Please send us an email and we can arrange pick-up/drop-off!


As we move into the fall and winter months, we would love to continue holding events indoors (following AHS COVID-19 guidelines) to continue meeting in-person and providing community with education. If you are someone with a venue, or perhaps even know of a great, welcoming space, please let us know!

Send us an email


This work can be downright exhausting, and sometimes it may feel as though you're not getting anywhere. Something that always brightens our spirits is seeing others smile, and we invite you to make someone's day with yours! SEND A SMILE TO THE WORLD!

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