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Residential Schools

Residential Schools are a disgusting, atrocious, human rights violation, mandated by the "Canadian" government, participated in by the churches, enforced by the RCMP, and ignored by the non-Indigenous population.

Since the publication of the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action, more people in so-called "Canada" have a general understanding of these prison camps. The forced removal of children, the excessive amount of physical and sexual assault, the absent medical support in the missle of a TB outbreak, the food experiments, and the deaths... so many deaths.

Until 1996. That is when the last one closed.


To put this in perspective, by 1996, most people on this land understood and agreed that the genocide in Rwanada (1994) was wrong. But somehow, while people spoke out about this, we continued to allow our own genocide happen here... for 2 more years after Rwanada had begun to heal. By 1999, Rwanda had begun the work in their Truth and Reconciliation process. Canada started in 2008. In Rwanda, the reconciliation process REQUIRES action by government and citizens alike. Here, it’s a pretty document that politicians use to gain seats. In Rwanda, they have created beautiful memorials for the lost lives, they have made efforts to assure proper burial, they have made extensive efforts to name every person. There was 1 million people slaughtered in Rwanda, and they have managed to move into both Truth and reconciliation.

Our murdered babies still lie in mass graves all over so-called-Canada. Indigenous survivors of these prisons have given specific locations of where children were buried. They knew, because they were forced to participate in this. People see this as a stain on the past - this is current. We must move forward with real reconciliation - and that starts with telling and hearing the truth.

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