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Jordan's Principle

Jordan’s Principle is a legal rule overwhelmingly passed by the House of Commons in 2007. This came about due to the tragic, preventable story of young Jordan River Anderson.

Jordan was born with many disabilities and needed much medical support. The doctor’s approved him to go home to Norway House Cree Nation with medical support. The federal and provincial governments argued about who would pay, and thus, Jordan sat in hospital, away from his family and community, awaiting government decisions.

At 5 years old, he passed away - in hospital - never having spent a day on his land or with his community.

Jordan’s principal is supposed to make it so the needs of First Nations children are met immediately and that the governments can figure out funding after care is received. Although this is a law, almost all people who applied were denied, and by 2016, almost no First Nations children had been able to access this support. In 2016, the government of Canada was taken to a tribunal by the Canadian Human right Commission. They were ordered to change their practise and offer equal health care to Indigenous youth.

Since 2016, Canada has been served with at least 15 contempts due to non-compliance. In 2021, Amnesty International, Nishnawbe Aski Nation, Chiefs of Ontario, the Caring Society, and others, all filed notices of appearance. The CHRC has ordered Canada to comply and assure ALL Indigenous children receive equal care.

This is important beyond one child. Did you know that there are times parents have to hand their children over to Child and Family Services in order to receive proper support for their child? Can you imagine? Having to give your child up because a government will fully fund them in foster care but not in their own homes? Insist Jordan’s Principle is followed through on. If you are able, support families in filing for Jordan’s Principle. Do not allow inequities to exist like this.


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